PTC-1902 White
PTC Heating Element, Overheating Protection, Ceramic plug in heater, LED display, 1-12 timer, Can set temperatue, 3D simulation of fireplace flame, Touch switch,with remote control, UL94-V0 grade flame retardant shell
PTC-905 Black
PTC Heating Element,Overheating Protection,Safety Tip-over Switch,Adjustable Thermostat,Power Indicator Light,UL94-V0 grade flame retardant shell
PTC-903 Black
PTC Heating Element,Overheating Protection,Safety Tip-over Switch,Adjustable Thermostat,Recessed Handle,Power Indicator Light,UL94-V0 grade flame retardant shell
Integrity seeks cooperation, quality certificate sincere
Founded in 2018, Youmin is located in Ningbo, which is known as the largest port in China. Convenient transportation ensures the efficiency of logistics. Our company insists on pursuing long-term and healthy development with the concept of "Integrity seeks cooperation, Quality certificates sincerity", attaching importance to the ability and quality of technical personnel, introducing advanced equipment and technology, and formulating scientific and efficient management model to consolidate the company's development foundation.
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Multiple protection
UL94-V0 flame retardant shell, flame retardant material, high safety factor, safe heating bracket and shell separation design, more durable, automatic constant temperature heating, environmental protection and energy saving
Quiet and low power consumption
Quiet enjoyment, every moment of appropriate warmth, to create a unique warmth for you, operating decibel close to zero, lower than the noise of air conditioning, protect the quality of sleep
Unlimited warmth
Living room, bedroom environment free movement, easy heating is open that is hot, the whole house heating elegant and simple, do not occupy space
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Carbon fiber knowledge of heaters

1. What is carbon fiber? Carbon fiber is a kind of pure black body material, composed of carbon atoms braided wire body,

Matters needing attention when using greenhouse heating heater

Matters needing attention when using greenhouse heating heater Do you understand the matters that should be paid attention to when using the greenhouse heating heater?

Heater specific advantages of the introduction

How much do you know about the advantages of air heaters? Now let's take a look. General heater is generally composed of four parts: heater, fan, temperature control system and box.

Advantages of heating fan

1. Temperature balance In fact, like the air heater to express it is also very simple, some people call it a small air conditioning, and it also has moisture-proof effect.
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